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Active Release Technique is a soft tissue technique that utilizes movement patterns and pressure to assist in breaking down adhesion's in soft tissue.  It is successful in treating a number of acute and chronic injuries including but not limited to; 

Rotator Cuff Syndrome                Muscle Strains
Tennis Elbow                               Tension Headaches
Whiplash                                      Carpal Tunnel 
Nerve Entrapments.                     Strain/Sprains
                                           Soft Tissue Techniques
Soft tissue is the connective tissue of the body that includes; ligament, fascia, tendon and muscle.  Following an acute injury or chronic overuse injury the body initiates a cascade of events to promote healing.  Unfortunately, the result is not always ideal.  Scar tissue formation may ensue, restricting motion, entrapping nerves and reducing blood supply to that area.  Pain and reduced mobility can be direct symptoms of this type of thick fibrotic tissue build-up.  The techniques listed below are two of the most researched techniques to date in the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy fields that address these types of injuries.  Along with these two techniques Dr. Garett Rosati also utilizes; Vibracussor Technique, Myofascial Release Technique, Kinesio-Tape (Rock Tape), Nimmo, Trigger Point Therapy and Post Isometric Relaxation Stretching.
Graston Technique is an instrument assisted soft tissue technique that assists in the removal of scar tissue.  It is successful in treating a number of acute and chronic injuries including but not limited to; 

Plantar Fasciitis                              Hamstring Strains,
Achilles Tendonosis/Tendonitis     Shin Splints
Quadriceps Strain                          Tennis Elbow.
IT Band Syndrome                         Surgical Scar Tissue
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RockTape is used to generate three responses:

1). Increase microcirculation to influence stagnant fluid and/or chemical irritants away from the site of injury, while providing oxygen rich blood to assist in the healing process.

2). Support, stabilize and assist in normal function of the joint complex to prevent injurious movements. 

3). Assist in restoring neural pathways and to help disrupt pain.
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