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Garett Rosati, D.C., A.R.T.,Graston, TPI lvl 1

About Us
Rosati Family Chiropractic was founded in November of 2012.  Prior to opening his office in Fanwood, Dr. Rosati spent 3 years developing a strong reputation on the Mainline in Pennsylvania as a soft tissue specialist, receiving referrals from primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists. Using a combination of soft tissue techniques, chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation and patient education, Dr. Rosati is able to personalize treatment plans to help his patients recover faster.  In the Spring of 2013 the practice was made stronger with the addition of  Lauren Daniels of TLC Acupuncture and then again in May of 2016 with the addition of Josie Lee of Wellness First Therapeutic Massage.

                                Dr. Garett Rosati was first introduced to chiropractic care at an early age, when he sustained an injury his senior                                 spring in high school while playing lacrosse.  His condition became so painful he was unable to run without
                                spasm and instability. Following numerous tests he was finally diagnosed with a fracture in his lower spine. Pain                                 medication and anti-inflammatory medication along with rest were prescribed, though neither did much to alleviate                                 his symptoms.  When nothing else seemed to work, he turned to his family's chiropractor for help. Chiropractic 
was the tool by which Dr. Rosati was given his pain free lifestyle back.  It is this experience that fuels his passion for chiropractic.

                                                    TLC Acupuncture was founded upon the principles of health and longevity as well as a 
                                                    deep respect for nature and its cycles. TLC’s intention is to provide the tools needed for
                                                    patients to restore and maintain systemic balance as well as guide them toward healthier 
                                                    living and inner peace. The patient’s role is to work harmoniously with the practitioner to 
                                                    achieve better living.

Lauren’s passion for Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy blossomed from her own healing experience. She began her working career in business management and was later inspired to change that path by her own acupuncturist whose distinguished work is admired by many. Her remarkable healing experiences motivated her to give back to the medicine in appreciation for what she had received. Lauren has also taken vows of refuge in Tibetan Buddhism and when not studying Chinese Medicine, she continues to deepen her understanding of Eastern philosophy.

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